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Talk Therapies

Psychotherapy works differently than medications, and is sometimes effective when medications aren't.  Psychotherapists can be psychologists, counselors, psychiatrists, or social workers.  In some countries they simply call themselves psychotherapists.
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Another Session in Confession
A fascinating account of the process of psychotherapy from trauma survivor Bonnie Burton.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Plus Medication Effective for Panic Disorder
Therapy for panic disorder that combines an evidence-based cognitive behavioral therapy with medication may be more effective than the usual care offered to these patients in a primary care setting, according to an article.

Why your Therapist is not your Friend
People often develop a close relationship with their therapist. The two of them have been sitting in a room talking about very personal subjects - often once a week for for at least several weeks. Does this make them friends? Some people certainly expect that it does, but the therapist usually does not see it that way.

Information about this treatment for mental disorders.

Cybertherapy - Is it really therapy?
There are many answers to this question.

Open-Ended Questions
Open-ended questions are used in counseling and psychotherapy to help explore issues.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Cocaine Addiction - Manual
Kathleen M. Carroll, Ph.D. from Yale University produced this comprehensive treatment manual for the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Academy of Cognitive Therapy
A professional organization of cognitive therapists endorsed by Aaron Beck - the father of cognitive therapy.

A Community Reinforcement Tx Manual for Cocaine Addiction
Alan J. Budney, Ph.D. & Stephen T. Higgins, Ph.D. of the University of Vermont have written this comprehensive therapy manual.

About Psychotherapy
An accessible site with excellent information about psychotherapy for a lay audience. Despite the name this is not an About site.

Internet Counseling Sites are Becoming More Common.
How private are these email consultations?

Treatments - Psychotherapy for Depression
Depression treatment resources, from the About.com Depression Guide

Medication & Psychotherapy for Depression in Low-Income Minority Women
Treatment with medication or psychotherapy reduced depressive symptoms in women from minority populations, according to research funded by the National Institute of Mental Health.

Therapy: Psychotherapy - Panic/Anxiety Disorders
Annotated links on psychotherapy for anxiety disorders, from the Panic/Anxiety Guide

Online Dictionary of Mental Health
Includes a Guide to Psychotherapy - from the Centre for Psychotherapeutic Studies

Burying Freud
A series of debates on the validity of Psychoanalysis

Liberation Psychotherapy
An approach which believes that sadness, anger, scare, happiness, excitement and tenderness are the primary six feelings.

A site with a very traditional view of psychotherapy. The Rate your Psychotherapist page seems especially slanted to the particular style of therapy that Dr. Grugle is comfortable with.

The Gestalt Therapy Page
is sponsored by The Gestalt Journal and the International Gestalt Therapy Association.

Gestalt Therapy Information
is sponsored by The Gestalt Journal and the International Gestalt Therapy Association.

The NYU Psychoanalytic Institute
The site also includes information on psychoanalysis - a Freudian form of Psychotherapy.

Psychotherapie (auf Deutsch)
  An Austrian psychotherapist with a site in German about psychotherapy

Psychotherapy Home Page
Former therapists with a helpful site for the general public.

Got PTSD? Talk therapy helps.
Research suggests that psychotherapy can produce biological changes in the brains and gene expressions of those with PTSD.

How the Miracle Question can Get You A Miracle
This post is about the Miracle Question in Solution Focused Brief Therapy and how it can be used to create miracles in your life.

What is Solution Focused Brief Therapy?
This article offers an overview of Solution Focused Brief Therapy.

What is constructivism and what does it have to do with psychotherapy?
This article describes the theory of constructivism. It reviews information about constructive therapies and how promising and hopeful they can be.

Re-Authoring Your Life Using Narrative Therapy
This article offers a brief summary of narrative therapy and how you can use it to create positive change in your life.

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