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Take Your Relationship from Mediocre to Magical


Improve your relationship this summer.    Do what it takes so that you can enjoy a stronger and more satisfying relationship. Check out these articles to learn more and make it your priority to have the best relationship you possibly can.

Learn how to improve your relationship
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What is constructivism and what does it have to do with psychotherapy?

This article describes the theory of constructivism. It reviews information about constructive therapies and how promising and hopeful they can be.

What is Solution Focused Brief Therapy?

This article offers an overview of Solution Focused Brief Therapy.

How the Miracle Question can Get You A Miracle

This post is about the Miracle Question in Solution Focused Brief Therapy and how it can be used to create miracles in your life.

How to create your best life using the tools you already have

This article describes the power of words as conveyed by Robert Tennyson Stevens in his book "Conscious Language: The Logos of Now."

10 Ways to get more "O" in Your Relationship

This article describes ten tips for increasing your oxytocin levels.

Why you should care about this chemical inside of you

This article discusses the chemical oxytocin and its implications in many important aspects of our lives.

Take Your Relationship from Mediocre to Magical

This article offers five steps to greatly improving your relationship.

The Myth of Independence

This article discusses the often overlooked importance of effective dependency with others as a step along the road to independence.

One of the best things you can do for your children's mental health

This article offers a few simple strategies on how to help your children develop self-awareness and emotional intelligence.

Help your child get over a painful event with this age old strategy

This article discusses the importance of and some science behind stories in helping a child get over a difficult event.

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