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The mind and the body are actually a single system. We are constantly learning more about how our mental health affects our physical health.
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Does Parkinson's Therapy Cause Pathological Gambling?
A journal article reported that 11 patients with Parkinson’s disease developed pathological gambling behavior following dopamine agonist therapy, a drug therapy to control movement problems caused by Parkinson’s disease.

Can you Pee in Public?
If you have a shy bladder you may have paruresis

What if it's not Depression?
Chronic fatigue, thyroid problems & autoimmune disorders can mimic depression.

The Mind and the Body are the Same Thing
Updated information on the mind-body relationship

Exercise Can Help With Depression
Depression is so common most of us have either experienced it or know more than one person who has. Medication and therapy are common treatments, but exercise is another tool that can bring relief.

Horses help Doctors Improve Communication Skills
Patient's confidence in their physicians depends on the doctor's ability to communicate.

Mental Health Affects Heart Risks
Several psychological factors can take a toll on heart health, although each factor seems to act at different stages through different mechanisms, research suggests.

Behavioral & Relaxation Approaches for Chronic Pain/Insomnia
An NIH technology assessment conference finds these approaches to be helpful for pain and insomnia.

Link Between Depression and Pain in Fibromyalgia Still Not Clear
There appears to be no association between depression, sensitivity to pain stimulus and how pain is processed in the brain in fibromyalgia patients with and without clinical depression, according to research.

Thyroid Resources
Thyroid disease can mimic depression or anxiety. Here are resources about thyroid disease and about Synthroid - the most common medication to treat hypothyroidism.

Protect Your Brain with Fish Oil?
Omega-3 fatty acids have been found to have numerous health benefits. One study discusses how they may prevent brain shrinkage and dementia.

Can your grandparents' trauma make you more anxious?
Preliminary research with mice points to the possibility that memories may be passed down the generations through altered DNA.

Stress in America
Survey reveals teens stress levels are as high as adults, as well as more on how stress affects Americans. Ways of coping with stress are offered.

Got hurt feelings? Try a Tylenol.
This post discusses research demonstrating how social and physical pain are registered similarly in the brain, and how a pain-reliever can reduce hurt feelings.

Why you should care about this chemical inside of you
This article discusses the chemical oxytocin and its implications in many important aspects of our lives.

10 Ways to get more "O" in Your Relationship
This article describes ten tips for increasing your oxytocin levels.

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