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Mental health is not created equal. Women's and men's mental health are different, and cultures differ on what's normal.
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For Women, The 12 Steps don't Always Work
12-step groups don't work for everyone. Women, especially, may have trouble with the emphasis on powerlessness. Groups like Women for Sobriety and Rational Recovery provide alternative approaches.

Body Odor and Sexual Orientation
Human pheromones are thought to play a role in sexual attraction, despite the fact that Western cultures cover-up human body odor. Research has found some interesting relationships between sexual orientation and preference for human body odors.

Cohabiting Better For Men's Mental Health; Marriage Better For Women's
Serial relationships are good for men's mental health, but bad for women's, suggest the results of national survey.

Gay, Lesbian Couples Can Teach Heterosexuals to Improve Relationships
Married heterosexual couples can learn a great deal from gay and lesbian couples, far more than the sterotypical images presented by the television show "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy," according to the first published observational studies of homosexual relationships.

Are Men from Mars and Women from Venus?
Brigham Young University and Stanford researchers wanted to investigate whether men really are from Mars and women really are from Venus, and they found, at least among depressed individuals, that both genders are from earth

Racial Bias Kicks in Quickly
Racial bias can emerge quickly and cause even well-meaning whites to look at identical facial expressions of African Americans and European Americans and see greater hostility in the African American faces.

Religious Faith may Protect Health of Mourners
A study of older adults found that loss of a loved one results in increased use of health services. Bereaved subjects who relied on religion to cope used outpatient medical services less frequently than those who did not rely on religious coping

Women and Stress
Rather than the usual male tendency to fight-or-flee, women seem to 'tend-or-befriend' under stress.

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