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Finding help is not always easy. Some mental health help is expensive, and people often worry about the stigma associated with seeking treatment. Should you seek help Online? How do you find help where you live?
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Treatment of Mental Health Concerns
Once a formal diagnosis of a mental health concern is made by a health professional, the real work begins. For many, treatment can take a lot of trial and error as patients and doctors work to find the option that will work best. The choices vary depending on the mental health problem, as well as its severity.

Mental Health in the 50 States of the U.S.
Laws and resources differ across the United States. Find dependable resources in your state in this area of the site.

Finding a Therapist in your Hometown
Therapist Directories - Find a counselor or therapist in your hometown.

Keeping an Open Mind about Treatment
People often seem to have their minds made-up in advance about how they need to be treated. Some want a pill and are very hesitant to seek therapy. Others don't like to take pills and will resist any suggestion that a medication might be helpful.

Can You Trust Online Mental Health Information?
There is plenty of mental health information out there. How good is it?

What do those letters mean after the names?
A glossary of mental heatlh initials - like M.D., Ph.D., Psy.D., M.S.W., etc.

Mental Health Search
Search for mental health information all over the net. Free MEDLINE searches of the medical research literature.

The surprising most important thing to look for in a therapist
This article discusses the single most important factor in choosing the right therapist for you, and it is probably not what you think!

Help! I've fallen in love with my therapist
You may be among the many people who say, "help! I've fallen in love with my therapist." This article discusses what that might mean and what you can do about it.

This article offers five differences between psychotherapists and coaches.

What is early intervention for children with autistim?
This research describes what early intervention services are for children with autism and ASD.

Is your child struggling with a learning disability? Consider a dog.
This article discusses therapy dogs, service dogs, and how they can be helpful to people from all walks of life.

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