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We are not mentally healthy in a vacuum. The way that we interact with the systems around us - beginning with our families - is an important aspect of our mental health.
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Interact with Others about Mental Health issues
Interact with others about mental health issues on the Mental Health Resources site.

President's New Freedom Commission on Mental Health
The President's "New Freedom Commission on Mental Health" seeks to improve the quality and availability of mental health services.

Why do young people murder?
Incidents like the Columbine shootings are difficult for us to understand. These factors may play a role.

Michael Jackson's Kids Need Protection
Michael Jackson claims to love children but treats them as objects. His children are likely to suffer.

Quick Fixes for Dangerous Youth Drinking Can Work
Brief interventions that encourage college students to cut back on bingeing and other dangerous drinking habits may work better in women than men, a new study suggests.

Racial Bias Kicks in Quickly
New research, shows that subconscious -- or implicit -- bias can emerge causing even well-meaning whites to look at identical facial expressions of African Americans and European Americans and see greater hostility in the African American faces.

Voting Laws Discriminate Against Mentally Disabled
An Arkansas researcher says more than a million people may be banned from voting booths this November. Their crime: to suffer from mental disabilities that place them under psychological guardianship.

Why do Conservatives have more Nightmares?
A 2001 study found some intriguing relationships between political ideology and dreams.

Extroverts Have Edge Balancing Work and Family
Extroverts experience the most positive connections between their work and family roles, according to a new study that looks at the role of personality in the work-family experience.

The Net helps you care for a loved one with Alzheimer's
Alzheimer's Caregiver Support Online uses the Internet and the telephone to bring support resources to people who are caring for someone with Alzheimer's Disease.

Preventing Domestic Violence
Domestic violence is a complex problem and simple answers do not exist. Here's a simple technique that can sometimes help.

Stay Mentally Healthy with Strong Social Connections
Relationships and mental health

How Healthy Relationships Change Our Brains
Couples therapy's impact on the brain

Save Your Relationship With Emotionally Focused Therapy
Emotionally Focused Therapy

3 Key Factors in Healthy Relationships
Dr. Sue Johnson has explained that healthy relationships consist of three key factors that are discussed in this article.

The best gift for your significant other
This article discusses the best gift that you can give your significant other regardless of the occasion.

How do you know if your marriage will last?
Dr. John Gottman is a world renown psychologist and expert on relationships, known for his research on predictors of divorce and what makes marriages work.

Is your marriage headed for divorce?
This article discusses 6 predictors of divorce, according to Dr. John Gottman, renown relationship expert and researcher.

How to get your partner to open up
This article offers advice on how you might be able to reach a partner who is shut down or withdrawn.

Stop making these 3 common mistakes in your relationship today
This article discusses three common mistakes that people make in relationships and what to do about them.

4 Hazards of Entrepreneurship on Your Romantic Relationship
This article discusses four hazards that entrepreneurship has on a relationship and how to avoid them.

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