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Managed Care Issues

Managed care has impacted mental health care more severely than almost any other field.  Therapists often have to fill out burdensome paperwork for HMOs and share sensitive information about their patients in order to be paid.

Managed Mental Health: What to Look For - What to Ask
Information from the Center for Mental Health Services to help you understand basic managed mental health concepts.

The Costs and Effects of Parity for Mental Health Benefits
Information about the financial implications of fully covering mental health and substance abuse. A study conducted by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

The Problem(s) with Managed Care
This U.S. healthcare trend has had a tremendous impact on mental health care. Some of my thoughts...

Choosing and Using a Health Plan
A consumer's guide developed by the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research in cooperation with the Health Insurance Association of America.

Suicide by Managed Care
A Series examining the impact of managed care on mental health - by Rand Partridge, Ph.D.

Can you Sue your HMO?
Lawsuits against managed care companies are beginning to happen.

What's Next for Managed Mental Health
Charles Kiesler predicts a closer relationship with Primary Care.

Preferred Mental Health Management
A managed care company "providing quality behavioral health care to our nation, one person at a time."

Academy of Managed Care Providers
A national organization of clinicians and managed care professionals.

 A New Strategy for Managed Care
Trigon BC/BS thought that it had found a creative way to cut fees to providers.

The Company Therapist
is a fictional web-based drama which plays out in real time. It is the story of a psychiatrist who has a large contract with an HMO for a hi-tech company.

Mental Health Patient's Bill of Rights
A document outlining your rights when dealing with HMOs and insurance companies

ComPsych Behavioral Health
The official Website for this behavioral managed care company.

Managed Care Glossary
Even obscure terms are defined and explained in this resource written by Les DelPizzo for Mental Health Net.

Fighting Managed Care
Subtitled "A Solo Psychiatrist fights Managed Care" this site is constructed by Marcio Pinheiro, M.D. 

NASW Managed Care Resources
Helping social workers cope with managed care.

The National Coalition of Mental Health Professionals and Consumers
is an organization formed to fight some of the abuses of managed mental health care.

Open Minds Newsletter
Analyzing the behavioral health industry

Psychotherapy Finances
A paper newsletter which has an excellent website.  This publication has helped clinicians cope with managed care since it began.

Rescue Health Care Day
A site which is organizing an annual protest of the abuses of managed care. You can play a part in this.

Tennessee Botches Mental Health
TennCare replaced Medicaid and left mental health high and dry.

Who Will Care for the Crazy?
J. B. Orenstein wrote a Salon.com story about the difficulty getting needed psychiatric care in the age of managed care.

Managed Care Magazine
"advises physicians and HMO plan executives about the challenges of capitation, reimbursement, and compensation..." The archives are especially rich. The most popular articles give a good feel for the site.

Reports and Policy Statements on Managed Care
The New York Chapter of NASW provides valuable information on the issue of managed care.

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