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Mental Health Through the Lifespan

Mental health changes as we age. Here are resources for different steps along the road.
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  2. Dying and Grief (46)
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  4. Seniors & Aging (40)
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Many College Students have Self-Injured
A June 2006 study at Cornell University found that seventeen percent of college students report having cut, burned, carved or harmed themselves in other ways. Fewer than 7 percent of the students reported seeking medical help for their self-inflicted injuries.

Autism Spectrum Disorders (Pervasive Developmental Disorders)
Autism, Asperger's Syndrome, and similar developmental disorders are still poorly understood. Research is finding treatments that help parents and children manage these disorders, and we know more about what happens when these children grow up.

Negative Emotions Mellow with Age
A large longitudinal study finds that we feel less negative emotion as life progresses.

Violent Video Games Produce Violent Behavior
Violent video games such as Doom can increase aggression in the real world.

Many Pregnant Women Are Depressed
One in five pregnant women may have symptoms of depression, but few are getting help for it, according to a 2003 study. Those with a history of depression any time before their pregnancy are twice as likely to show signs of depression while pregnant.

Study Looks At Students' Drinking Misperceptions, Behavior
College students' drinking behaviors are influenced more by their perceptions of their friends' drinking behaviors than by social norms marketing campaigns that encourage students to "go along with the crowd," according to a University of Iowa researcher who studies college students and alcohol use.

Depression Tied to Hypertension by Family History
Higher blood pressure is linked to depression, but only in people with a family history of hypertension, a new study finds. People whose parents did not have high blood pressure did not show the same association.

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