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Compulsive Internet Use & Cyber Affairs

Some people seem to have a problem with Internet sexual activity and even with compulsive Internet use. Are these true addictions? This remains a controversial area.

Pathological Internet Use - Some Examples
Some people have a problem with their Internet use. Are these people addicted?

Internet Addiction - Is it real?
'Internet Addiction' is a term coined to describe pathological internet use. Is this real?

Online Dating is Popular with Married Men and Women
A study of Internet chat rooms explores the attitudes of married people who go there to meet someone of the opposite sex for cybersex or flirting. The study author contends that this is fast becoming the most common form of infidelity.

Families Given Macintoshes Become More Isolated and Depressed
You may have read that the Internet causes people to become depressed and isolated. Amy Harmon's New York Times Article got the headline "Researchers Find Sad, Lonely World in Cyberspace." As is often the case, the headline was a bit more extreme than the article.

Is Pokémon Addictive?
The video game version of Pokémon may be an example of a technological addiction.

Pathological Internet Use - Some Examples
A British psychologist uses a definition of addiction to study pathological Internet use.

What is Normal Internet Use?
Psychologists studying Internet use disagree on what's normal.

Internet Addiction Guide
An excellent article on Internet addiction by John Grohol, Psy.D.

Why is This Thing Eating My Life?
John Suler, Ph.D. has an interesting perspective on how technological activities can get out-of-balance.

A site built to sell books about cyber sex addiction. There is good information here, but it is sensationalized.

Center for Online Addiction
Kimberly Young calls herself "the world's foremost Cyberpsychologist." She was one of the first psychologists to talk about Internet Addiction and she continues to sell books, videos, and training.

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