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National Institute on Drug Abuse
Therapy Manuals for Drug Addiction
A Community Reinforcement Approach: Treating Cocaine Addiction
Exhibit 31: Therapist's Disulfiram Checklist


  Arranged the patient's baseline disulfiram checklist with clinic staff before the patient received the initial dose of disulfiram.
  Reviewed disulfiram instructions with the patient and gave the patient a copy of an information sheet to take home; informed the patient that side effects will be monitored on a regular basis by clinic staff.
  Reviewed the consent form with the patient, obtained patient's signature, and gave a copy of signed form to patient.
  Gave the patient written information for disulfiram users and had the patient complete an identification form and place in wallet; instructed the patient to read booklet at home.
  Negotiated a timeframe of days for disulfiram therapy with patient; completed the disulfiram contract with patient (and partner, if applicable) and gave patient a copy of signed form.


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