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Jokes, Games and Fun Stuff
Guide picks
Social workers with a sense of humor do best. This listing contains jokes, games and fun stuff of interest to social workers and those interested in social issues. Submit your own ideas. E-mail liz. socialwork.guide@about.com

Anagram Insanity Best of the Net
Anagram: A word or phrase scrambled into another word or phrase using the same letters.

Are You Walking for Charity?
From our About Walking Guide...how to make it through a charity walk. Some of us walk for fun and exercise and charity, but don't do this on a regular basis. Here are tips for the infrequent charity walker.

From "Civil War 2000" election special to "Chicken Soup for the Soulless," the brothers keep you chuckling with their satire and parodies.

Despair.com Best of the Net
Your office walls are lined with motivational posters, your supervisor has a motivational calendar... but have you seen "de-motivational" products. This is hilarious!

Ecotourism Fun Stuff
From About Ecotourism, an environmental ethics quiz, dowloadable koala themes from Brisbane and more.

French Fun Stuff
Tired of studying French? Have a little fun courtesy of our About homework guide.

A humorous approach to the burnout issue.

Fun Stuff - Immigration Issues
Immigration trivia and story contest. Your About Immigration Guide takes a break from a serious subject and lightens up.

Greeting Cards
Tons and tons of neat cards! Use of the cards supports your About Social Work site!

Humorous Stress Reducer
A joke to print out.

From VirtualSocialWork in the UK, comes a great listing of professional humor.

Life Humor
From the About Pro Life Guide, just a collection of humor ranging from Dave Barry on Pro-Life to Christian humor.

Managed Care Jokes
If you work in health care, use health care or just want to read some good jokes....surf on over!

Mental Health and Psychology Jokes
Learn about Oreo Therapy and more.

More Social Work Trivia
Test your social work knowlege with our fun little quiz.

Puppy Kiss
Get kissed by a dog. And, if that isn't enough, pass along a "puppy kiss" to a friend!

Puzzles Best of the Net
Tons of jigsaw puzzles to do right on line. Or, if you have a photo or clipart, make your own puzzle! You have to try this just once...very innovative.

Enjoy your favorite Peanuts characters, send a postcard or a comic strip. Charles Schultz lives on!

Snowball, the Giant Mutant Cat
You never know what you might find circulating on the Internet. I can't believe this...can you?

Take this Social Work Quiz
Have fun testing your social work trivia knowledge, critique the quiz, and submit your own questions and answers for future editions. Bet you will max this!

The Center for the Easily Amused
Nothing better to do? Want to waste some time and have fun? What a stress-reduction website!

Articles which spoof real news, off the wall editorials, etc. Looks like a real newspage..but look again! It's not!

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